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Our Story

Gramya, A Sanskrit word which means - something which belongs to or comes from the village, Like traditional knowledge of organic (natural) farming. Three co-founders of Gramya belongs to rural areas which gives us an emotional connect with the name. In the long run, Gramya wants to work for the betterment of the rural communities and provide pure food products to the urban communities.
Gramya want to connect urban with rural communities through product, services & knowledge sharing. Our key stakeholders are rural communities as producers & urban communities as consumers.


To create an ecosystem that promotes the economic prosperity of farmers, the health of humans, and mother nature.


We proactively bring organic and local produce while educating the public and farmers about the benefits of going with organic.

Core Values


Jaspal Mann

Jaspal comes from a farming family and he has first-hand experience of farming and an inherent love towards natural farming allows Jaspal to understand and connect with farmers. Equipped with great persuasion skills and gritty nature, Jaspal believes that every problem can be solved if we give time and energy to it. 


Hitesh Warathe

With excellent people skills and many arrows in his statistical arsenal, Hitesh handles operations in the smoothest way possible. Hitesh has the ability to break down complex challenges into actionable steps and then anchor the team towards successful execution. With a strong orientation and smiling face Hitesh gets things done even in panic situations.


Komalkant Adlak

Coming from a rural part of Madhya Pradesh and having pursued his education from top-notch public schools and institutions, Komalkant feels a sense of responsibility to use his knowledge for people. He envisions a village full of opportunities that will not compel anyone to migrate under stressed conditions. Soft-spoken, a man of few words; Komalkant believes that technology can play a crucial role in solving challenges in the rural setup.

Founding Trio

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