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A journey

started from villages.

The real India resides in villages. All of our co-founders comes from the rural parts of India. They witnessed the pressing challenges and problems faced by farmers first hand which translated into an urge of starting up for them. However this journey was full of surprises.

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Premier public institutions


Farmer Producer Companies

Komalkant did his Dual Degree from Indian Institude of Science& pursued research. Whereas Hitesh & Jaspal worked with Farmer producer companies in Maharashtra & Odisha respectively, setting up large scale businesses for farmer collectives.

This first hand exposure of working with farmers helped them build a solid understanding of agriculture related businesses, supply chains, value addition & most importantly - working with farmers.

Starting up at the heart of India

Founder trio, decided to set their base at Nagpur, and took their much awaited entrepreneurial flight. The year 2020 wasn't a great year to start as the pandemic hit, but it couldn't shatter away their enthusiasm. Following their inner calling for their purpose, the founders started their journey even in a mid of pandemic.

1000+ Farmers across three states & going strong

What started as a humble beginning, two years later evolved into a farmers movement. Currently we are working with farmers across five states and continue to build strong partnerships with farmers. It's the trust shown by our farmers is our biggest achievement.


Drive the health & wellness revolution ahead by creating an access to nutrition at prices everyone can afford.

Bring safer food choices for consumers at affordable prices. Regain the ecological balance while rejuvenating the agriculture space by promoting sustainable agriculture practices. Create better economic opportunities for farmers by passing them the maximum benefits.

at Gramya thrive for


Aim for the highest quality/excellence in every aspect


Be considerate & kind enough with everyone


Continuosly adapt with time & stay prepared for future


Create value and contribute in moving towards growth

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