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Choosing Development Sector as a career

Jaspal’s last blog was a quick recap of our entrepreneurial journey so far. I could relate to every word in the blog. He pretty much summed up a lot of interesting things- advantages of going first. So, I will be covering something that’s new and try to address young people who write to us in the form of mails and DMs. These are a bunch of questions that we keep receiving all the time. So let’s get started.

Who should come to the development sector? How to get started?

Anyone who has a passion to work in this space is welcome. However, knowing the area of your interest like education, healthcare, agriculture, etc. is really important. If you are not clear about where your interest lies, it's good to interact with people who are already working in the respective sectors can help you get a fair amount of idea about how it works. Also, you can intern with different startups which are already working and solving different kinds of problems. This can be one way of getting started.

Are fellowship programs worth it to get started in the sector?

Well, a lot of our learnings- we owe it to our fellowship experience. Right from making some really great friends to learning the basics of business and then executing large projects by starting from scratch - only fellowship can give you this kind of an opportunity. I personally find my fellowship experience very important and useful, there are people who choose and get started with their work. So, I think it's very subjective and may vary from person to person.

What are the factors that one should consider while choosing a career in this space?

Passion and commitment towards solving a problem - that’s non-negotiable. Unless you are really moved by an idea to build a solution that is going to make a difference, you can’t really keep up the pace. There are moments when reality can hit you really hard. There are times of ups and downs. Willing to sail your way through these times is really important.


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