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Working at Gramya after IISER Bhopal & IIT Delhi

Jaspal & Hitesh are the superchargers of Gramya. They are the ones who are constantly rushing and taking charge of situations. Both of them juggle multiple responsibilities and ensure that every new problem that is coming our way is resolved right on time. Their persistent dedication allows me time and space to work on the technological aspects. I am currently working on ‘decentralised crop production’. While we are exploring its potential, we believe it can be crucial in improving farmer’s income.

From village to India’s premier public institutions

After spending the first 15 years of my life in a village, I got to move to towns and larger cities. I studied in public institutions- Initially IISER and then IIT Delhi. So, coming to Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi for my doctoral studies is one of the best things that could ever happen to my life. With the understanding of challenges and problems faced by farmers, and the access to build and experiment the right kind of technology, this place equipped me with everything that was needed to build effective solutions. This is why I choose to be a co-founder at Gramya and contribute to the vision of the organisation with my area of expertise.

Initial up downs and slow growth to scaling up our operations

Despite the ups & downs and of course, the great pandemic, we have grown.

All of us (co-founders) have different skill sets and I think we compliment each other very well. Though I don’t have a business background, Hitesh & Jaspal’s experience of working with FPOs comes in handy. Most importantly, we know how to divide our responsibilities & deliver on our both short & long term goals. Today we are working on two fronts. While we bring finest quality products for our consumers, at the same time we are also building & standardising ideal production practices for our farmers. So with a small team, sometimes things get too challenging for us as well, however, we love every bit of it.

Tech that you will be able to see with us

My main work at Gramya is to look behind all the research and technological parts. The right use of technology can unlock many opportunities. As of now, some of our key projects are aimed at working on improving the soil health for our farmers. With the rigorous lab testing, extensive use of natural fertilisers, we are working on enriching the soil by improving carbon mass. Along with this, we are also exploring the feasibility and requirement analysis for the food tracing mechanisms that can enable the consumers to know the place of origin & the farmer throughout the journey. We are excited for these projects.

[Admin Speaking - Komal bhai, talks very rarely. It took us some time to convince him to write this article. So your cheering in comments can motivate him to write & share his thoughts.]


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