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Two years and still counting.

Two years and still counting. The year 2020 wasn’t the great time, but we started up anyway. Without the slightest clue of the upcoming pandemic, we were all geared up. Burning the midnight oil for almost three months, Gramya was born. However, what followed us was the two years full of uncertainty. We are trained to be entrepreneurs so the pandemic could just slow our journey and not halt it. These two years have been nothing less than a rollercoaster ride. Today, I am summarising a few learning and some thoughts about how we are moving ahead.0

Knowing the Geography

Well, I am a son of Punjab and currently living and working in Nagpur, Maharashtra. It is much more than the ‘Tandoori Chicken’ to ‘Saoji’ transition. Coming here was a conscious choice that we made as co-founders. However, adjusting to this new terrain was initially very challenging for me. The heat that squeezes out the energy, rains so heavy that you just can’t see anything ahead and the cold that freezes your bones - there are several extremes that Nagpur introduced me to. However, I eventually got used to it. I feel it was a test of some sortas everything that followed is truning out highly rewarding.

Support from the nicest people

Right from finding the space for our office to setting up our newly found home, we were supported at every step by the kindhearted and supportive people of this beautiful city. The avenues like Agro Vision and Beejtosav helped us to get connected to like-minded people who are working with us in the same space. Our interactions at Govt. offices, University Campuses have been really fruitful and helped us move ahead with our mission. Today is the era of collaboration. After all it's about collaboration and not just the competition. Working in silos can narrow down the vision whereas being there for our fellow partners when they need can take us a long way.

Failing and Failing Early

Embracing failures is another important thing that the TII fellowship taught us. We have to quickly experiment and gauge the situation whether the ideas are worth taking ahead or not.


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